GBT Protocol

In the past week, we’ve been talking about the GBT Protocol that we implemented in our daily routine over 4 years ago. Dr. Liñares explained in this month’s podcast what this paradigm shift in the world of dental prophylaxis consists of, and today we want to share all the details with you. As explained in the latest podcast episode, dental biofilm is the main culprit behind cavities and periodontal and peri-implant infections. Maintaining periodic oral hygiene combined with professional measures such as dental maintenance helps us keep the biofilm in check. To carry out these dental maintenance procedures, we’ve adopted GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy), the solution from EMS DENTAL for biofilm management in professional prophylaxis. It involves using 3 cutting-edge technologies: AIRFLOW®, PERIOFLOW®, and PIEZON®. Its efficacy is scientifically proven and is implemented through a treatment protocol based on diagnosis and risk assessment tailored to each patient to achieve the best results.

And what’s the best thing about this treatment?

It’s minimally invasive and, above all, provides patients with the highest level of comfort, safety, and efficiency.
To better understand the difference from conventional treatments, let’s explain how we performed prophylaxis before incorporating this system into our clinic. First, we removed tartar with manual instrumentation and ultrasonics, which can be painful, invasive, and scratch tooth and implant surfaces. Then, we proceeded with polishing using rubber and rotary brushes, which is time-consuming and sometimes unable to reach many areas, possibly affecting the gums. Sometimes, it was even necessary to sedate the patient to avoid further discomfort during hygiene procedures. That’s why we decided to change and incorporate this new technology. Now, our treatments are safe and effective; the cleaning is superior, guaranteeing complete biofilm removal, and most importantly, it offers greater comfort to our patients. To carry it out, we follow the 8 steps detailed below to achieve the desired results.


  • 01 ASSESS Probe and examine each clinical case
  • 02 REVEAL Make biofilm visible. Dr. Liñares explains this perfectly in this month’s podcast episode. We show patients the revealed biofilm and its problematic areas, and the color serves as a guide for its removal.
  • 03 MOTIVATE Raise awareness and instruct patients on the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene.
  • 04 AIRFLOW® Remove biofilm, stains, and calculus
  • 05 PERIOFLOW® Remove biofilm in pockets from 4 to 9 mm
  • 06 PIEZON® PS To remove remaining calculus
  • 07 MONITOR Make your patient smile, check for remaining biofilm, ensure complete calculus removal.
  • 08 FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT Healthy patient = happy patient. If the patient is satisfied, they won’t hesitate to repeat the treatment when indicated.
With these simple steps, we’re making progress towards improving our patients’ oral health.
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The GBT Protocol is for everyone, and its main objectives include keeping our teeth healthy, maintaining orthodontic appliances, preventing cavities, treating exposed dentin, detecting cavities early, preserving aesthetic restorations (such as the gingival recession we discussed in our last post), keeping soft tissues healthy, preserving implants, treating mucositis, gingivitis, periodontitis, and peri-implantitis, in short… GBT will help our patients maintain oral health and feel good! Since we started using it, we’ve incorporated 3 AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master units into our practices, and our patients are delighted. As Dr. Liñares said in the podcast, “once you try it, you won’t want to go back to conventional methods for your maintenance.” You can listen to it in full at any of the following links: Cadena Ser ⋅ Spotify ⋅ Ivoox And if you want more information about the GBT Protocol, here’s the link to the EMS Dental page.
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