Dr. Liñares’ participation in the 2021 Periodontology Congresses

El 2020 fue un año diferente en todos los aspectos. Nuestro día a día se vio afectado por el Covid 19 y, aunque poco a poco parecía que todo mejoraba. No obstante, los eventos multitudinarios se vieron aplazados de manera generalizada. Como los congresos, aunque ante la mejora de la situación, los congresos periodoncia 2021 pudieron realizarse de manera presencial respetando las medidas de sanidad.

En estas citas se han puesto de manifiesto la importancia de la formación y la investigación de los profesionales sanitarios para seguir ofreciendo a cada paciente una solución adaptada a sus necesidades.


FIP CONGRESS: the Congress of the Ibero-Pan American Federation of Periodontology.


On Friday, October 29, 2021, Dr. Liñares participated as a speaker at the FIP Congress, the event organized by the Ibero-Pan American Federation of Periodontology. Once again, the event was held online due to the origins of many of its speakers.
In this event, Dr. Liñares participated in a periodontal regeneration symposium titled: Surgical Approaches to Optimize the Outcome in Periodontal Regeneration.

Moderated by Sergio Kahm and Xiomara Giménez, in his presentation, Dr. Liñares explained to attendees the accesses to posterior areas with furcation lesions.⁣⁣

You can access the congress at the following link.


ITI Study Club Limassol.


Another of the Periodontology Congresses 2021 events in which Dr. Liñares was a speaker took place on Saturday, November 6, 2021. This time he participated as a speaker at the ITI Study Club Limassol in Cyprus.⁣

The topics he addressed in his presentation were:

1 – Peri-implantitis. How do we treat it? From biology to daily practice.⁣
2 – New perspectives in soft tissue grafting around implants. Seeking health and beauty.⁣


2nd International Periodontics Conference of Saudi Arabia.




The Coronavirus disrupts the Congress agenda, as well as its organization. Covid protocols, as well as ensuring that both speakers and attendees will be able to participate in a Covid-free event, are pushed to the maximum. But in order to avoid outbreaks or mass cases, organizations opt to organize online sessions via streaming. Additionally, this favors the participation of professionals from various geographical locations.

Thus, Dr. Liñares participated in November in the 2nd International Periodontics Conference of Saudi Arabia. His participation was on Saturday, November 20, in a session that addressed myths and realities about reconstructive surgery around teeth and implants.

His intervention focused on applying patient-centered outcomes when treating teeth with periodontal compromise.⁣

⁣If you are interested in checking out the participating professionals and the topics discussed, visit the conference website.


SEPA Sevilla 2021: The 2021 Congress on Periodontology and Oral Health.




SEPA is a global reference open to all. The development of Periodontology and the promotion of health guide Sepa’s daily work. Its commitment to science, research, education, and improving oral and general health for the population make the SEPA Foundation one of the international reference entities.

With participants from more than 60 countries, over 6,000 attendees in 2019, and over 42,000 registered users in SepaOnAir 2020, the Periodontology and Oral Health congress has become the meeting point for all professionals linked to dentistry who want to be at the forefront of knowledge and excellence parameters, collaborating closely with other health professionals.

In the 2021 Congress edition, Antonio Liñares participated in a Symposium on Updating the management of medically compromised patients in which he shared a panel with other colleagues such as María Delgado and Pedro Díz. Specifically, Dr. Liñares focused on Strategies for the use of antibiotics in implant therapy.


UPerio Series – ITI Thematic Night of Periodontology Liège


The Uperio Series are conferences by international speakers aimed at keeping up with the latest trends in periodontics and implantology.

UPerio corresponds to the new identity of the hospital and university activity of our Department of Periodontology, Oral Surgery, and Implant Surgery. It brings together clinical activities (UPerio Clinical care), research (UPerio Research), and its continuous training (UPerio Formation).

The session organized with Dr. Liñares was titled addressing complex recessions. Mucogingival surgery 2.0. Periimplantitis. How do we treat it?.



In addition to participating in thematic nights, he also gave a seminar with students of the Master of Periodontology at the University of Liège on gum grafts in dental implants.


Bone & Tissue Days by klockner Spain.


Botiss biomaterials and KLOCKNER celebrate their ninth Bone & Tissue Days in Spain.

Year after year, it has proven to be an event that addresses the current trends in bone and tissue regeneration by leading speakers in the sector, both nationally and internationally. The goal is to share experience and scientific evidence that provide predictability in treatments. All this, considering that today it is proven that tissue regeneration is key to the success of long-term implant and periodontal treatments.

In this edition, Antonio Liñares shared a panel with Xurxo Lourido and Ignacio Sanz. His intervention focused on talking about Regeneration of defects around implants. Specifically, Dr. Liñares addressed the topic of Regeneration of bone defects around implants with disease.⁣


In addition to the Periodontology Congresses 2021…

Care for your gums, the informative portal of the SEPA Foundation.



In addition to participating in Periodontology Congresses 2021 and national and international conferences, Dr. Liñares also offered interviews on other platforms, such as Care for your gums, the SEPA Foundation’s informative portal on oral and general health information for the entire population.

In his intervention, Dr. Liñares touched on topics such as the keys to the importance of controlling infections such as cavities or periodontitis in the first instance, as the success of subsequent implant treatment will largely depend on it.

What phases does implant therapy consist of? When and why can early implant failure occur? Find out in the full interview.


San Andrés 90, Podcast on Radico Coruña – Cadena Ser.



Since February 2020, Radio Coruña has produced a podcast about you, your health, and the care of your mouth. A space to learn about the daily work of a dentist.

In these conversations that Antonio Liñares holds with Pablo Díaz Bouza, you can discover not only the intricacies of the profession but also techniques to maintain proper oral health and all the latest news on implantology.


You can listen to all episodes on:
– Spotify https://spoti.fi/3x3fQgJ⁣
– iVoox: https://bit.ly/3i9cG6Q⁣
– Cadena Ser: https://bit.ly/3EafCIR⁣


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